Denis Beaubois          

  The Absence of Choice    

The absence of choice provides a glimpse into unmediated information. It harnesses the transmitted signals that invisibly envelop us to create an ongoing ever changing screen work. It is a simple study of time, where the live local broadcast signals currently emitted are harvested in real-time and combined onto one screen.
It is also a study of space, where the reception of the signal is linked to a particular geographical location.

The work was designed in 2008 using all the five Australian (Free to air) television channels. In doing so it allowed all the broadcast signals to bleed into one another, cancelling their respective narrative and rendering the image into a forced visual collaboration. From this there emerges a subdued narrative where the democracy of the screen renders all events equal. There is no distinction between news, drama, advertisements or sport, they all occur and exist simultaneously. The ongoing transmissions constantly change the work and in the process create a condensed up to date image of current popular screen culture.





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The Absence of Choice
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