Denis Beaubois          

  Video for Gallery    

  The camera is thrown at an enclosed space with the intention of breaking into that space. In doing so the camera must physically penetrate a sealed area. Once the camera has come to a point of rest, on the other side of the screen, it is left stranded and is at the mercy of the foreign space. The works therefore, explore the experience of both the trespasser / invader and the reaction of the resident upon discovery on the other side.
Video for Gallery is the first of the Forced entry series. A camera is thrown at a Tokyo art gallery window from outside the premises. The camera subsequently smashes thru the window and lands inside the exhibition space along with the broken glass. The gallery staff must decide what to do with the resulting catastrophe. Accept the altered space from the action of the forced entry or clean up the remnants, the broken glass and remove the camera. Does the institution accept the event or does it heal itself and remove any traces of the event?
Video for Gallery occurred in Tokyo in 2006 at Youkobo Artspace whist on an Asialink residency..
  Video for Gallery
Performance / Video
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